Did you buy a product that you did not want, or do you have another reason for a return? You, as a consumer, are entitled to return the product within 14 days without giving a reason.

Conditions for returning goods:

(a) the product must be unopened or otherwise undamaged

b) the product or the form for withdrawal from the purchase contract must be either physically or electronically submitted no later than 14 days after receipt of the shipment, the subsequent attempt to return may no longer be accepted

c) a duly completed form of withdrawal from the purchase contract

d) when returning the goods within 14 days, the customer pays for the transport and is not reimbursed

According to your chosen return solution, ie. product exchange or refund We have the same as you 14 days to perform the action.


Limitation of liability for defects resulting from the nature of the goods and improper use

CafeChloeConcept is not liable for defects caused by improper selection of goods, caused by careless handling or mechanical damage, resulting from non-compliance with instructions / instructions for use of the product, use of goods contrary to the declared purpose, non-compliance with treatment or failure to report the defect without undue delay. In such cases, the limitation of liability may in turn be qualified as causing a defect by the buyer.

Complaints and its course

Please note that veils cannot be returned without obvious defects for hygienic reasons.

Delivery by mail

To send the purchased goods by post or other delivery service, send the consignment by registered mail to the following address:

Waist Clique s.r.o. Hostivařská 92/6,

102 00 Prague 15,


Include a completed return form in the shipment, which can be freely downloaded from the website

If the complaint is accepted, the expediently incurred transport costs associated with the product complaint will be refunded on the basis of the sent confirmation of submission of the shipment / handover to the carrier. It is not necessary to address the claimed product to a specific employee. However, in no case do not send the claimed goods cash on delivery.

You will be informed about the progress of the entire complaint by automatic e-mails, which will notify you that your complaint has been accepted by us into the system, that it has been settled, or denied that it has been sent to you or that you have the option to pick it up.